there have been a fair number in circumsicion related accidents causing a number of young boys to lose part of their penis for something that has relatively no use. It doesn’t matter wheter you’re cut or not but in some cultures you have no choice

i dont care

the onceler is so hot holy shit xoxoxo damn

the onceler is so hot holy shit xoxoxo damn

europeans be like bruh foreskin is so dope you can store things inside it it’s really handy lol loser

like i remember i mentioned i was circumcised to my dutch friends and they’re all like YO NOT BEIN CUT IS WAY BETTER BLAH BLAH BLAH. i dont care i didn’t ask holy shit whats you’re DEAL

why are europeans so fuckin proud that their dick isn’t cut.

im lying in bed listening to a podcast while balancing a pillow on my head

lazy clothes + rabbit

lazy clothes + rabbit

i’m so tired of people asking me if i’m a virgin I FUCKING OWN A GARFIELD SHIRT AND MY LITTLE PONY TOYS WHAT DO YOU THINK

if you wanna see more of my face fucking come visit me and see it in person u fag

i have a pic of me on my computer i was planning on posting but i’m literally too scared to post my face fuck my life


Myrtle:Do you like going on airplanes?

not really. not really scared of them either, though. i just wish teleportation would exist already

i keep telling my friends that want me to get into metal gear that i’ll just watch all the cutscenes when i’m sick and have nothing to do

i’m sick and i have nothing to do



WIP bruh

this is suicide i cant finish this

Fuck you brony cunt